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In the year 2019, spread the deadly virus in Asia. This is the first time that I've seen such a large number of dead-bodies in the all over the world and Countries were sut-down, at that time people lost their jobs, and they had to be quarantined. A major economic downfall is witnessed, and after a year, with all the safety and precautions, this virus is still with us. A new second wave of this Covid-19 Virus was found in England recently. Let's read about something more.         

          For reason of increase Covid-19 cases. The UK announced a sudden lockdown in December 2020 in London and other parts of the nation. The second wave of diseases to be found in the UK. This infectious disease which seemed to have subsided till it suddenly gained strength, About 35,000 people in the country were infected also.

          Their spread is the biggest lie. Covid-19 is to a very small percentage of people infected with it. The WHO has revealed that 80% of people are infected with the corona virus, but they do not need medical treatment in a hospital.

          Moderate symptoms like fever, sore throat, body aches and shortness of breath. Sometimes people with the basic condition don't experience the signs and can be cured when quarantined. In case you're an international student studying in the United Kingdom, you need to choose the best student accommodation that is properly sanitized and have major safety measures take regarding the Covid-19.